How do I post my resume?

Please visit bineidhr.com and click ‘Register Now’ button or ‘Post Your Resume’ link on the Home Page.

How do I edit my profile and resume?

Please log on to your activated account. Click on ‘My profile’ tab. A new page opens where you can view different edit options such as Edit Employment Details, Edit Educational Details etc. Click on the relevant button to edit the relevant data.

Does it cost to post my resume?

No. Jobseeker registration and CV posting are services offered free of cost at bineidhr.com.

I have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it?

Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link under login button. You will be taken to the ‘ Forgot Account Password page. Here you can provide your email id. System will send a link to your mail. By following this link, you will be taken to the change Password page, where you can change your password.

Can I change my user name & password? If so, How?

Your email id is your username and you cannot change this. However, password can be changed by logging in to your account and clicking My Accounts->Account Settings  link in the left side menu.

How do I search for jobs?

You can search jobs with various search criteria such as region, country, category, keywords, job title etc. You have many choices while making a search to find your desired job at www.bineidhr.com. The simplest being a ‘keyword search’ at Home Page. Or you can go for a more specific search using ‘Quick Search’. If you want to make a precise query with detailed options, go for ‘Advanced Job Search’. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Latest Jobs’ link to get the list of all newly posted jobs. You can also browse through ‘Jobs by Region’ by clicking on the location spots on the ‘Job Map’ at Home page. You can find ‘Jobs by Sector’ listed also at the home page.

What is Filter Search? How is it useful to me?

‘Filter Search’ is a novel and powerful facility provided to you to narrow down your search and to pin-point the job you are looking for. ‘Filter Search’ makes finding the desired job easier and faster for you. As an example, if you made a search using keywords ‘General Manager’ or a using broader search criteria like Sector as ‘Hotel & Resort’. Now, you can further narrow down your search by searching within the result. The specialized algorithm helps you to find the desired job positions extremely fast. With this, you can zero-in on the job you are looking for, much faster than using generic search methods.

How do I apply for jobs?

Only registered jobseekers can apply for jobs advertised on bineidhr.com. Once you found a job, matching your criteria, click on ‘Apply Now’ link. Your resume will be instantly delivered to the recruiter / employer who posted the job.

How will the employers contact me?

All the applications will be listed in the Employer’s zone. The employers or their representatives will log on to their account to review the applications and will either send an e-mail or contact you directly using the contact information provided at the time of registration or provided on the resume, after analyzing your resume.

Can I submit my resume even if I have not registered on www.bineidhr.com?

No. You need to register as a jobseeker and also upload your resume in any of the specified formats (MS Word, Acrobat reader or Text format).

Can I receive job alerts through Email?

Yes. You can set up the relevant alerts after you log on to your account. The job alerts can be set for jobs posted by different employers that match your preferred criteria as set up by you. For example, you can set a job alert based on Job Title, Industry, Functional Area, Region or Country.


For more Information please fell free to contact us. Email: jsadmin@bineidhr.com