About Us

bineidhr is a hospitality dedicated job portal associated with World Class Hotels (5*Multi-National Chains), Individual properties, Luxury Resorts, Golf Clubs, Cruise lines, Airlines, Contract caterers, Facility Management Organisations, Food Outlets, Coffee Shops, Retail firms and other Hospitality establishments World wide.

Our Vision

To be a world leader in hospitality online recruitment segment.

Our Mission

– Enable Jobseekers to pursue career aspirations Internationally in the hospitality segment.

– Assisting employers to access high quality hospitality talent globally, resulting in better business performance and competitiveness in a rapidly changing world.

bineidhr firmly believes that "Human Capital” is a vital resource to business as "Monetary Investment". bineidhr facilitates employers to achieve business goals by acquiring the right Human Capital in today’s competitive global market which is distinguished by rapid growth, technological advancement, globalisation, budget constraints, increased service demands and share holder expectations.

What sets bineidhr apart?

1 Quality and Quickness - we are revolutionizing the way corporations recruit and acquire  the most  important  resource –HUMAN CAPITAL in a digital age, which counts on “Quality and Quickness” (Q2).

2 Recruiters can save 60% of their hiring time through our intensely researched and uniquely developed search process tools.

3 This job board is a unique e-platform for professionals with niche expertise in hospitality segment.

4bineidhr understands the dynamics and rhythm  of the  hospitality industry.