How do we post jobs on bineidhr.com?

You need to register as an “Employer” with bineidhr.com and sign the relevant contract. You will be given necessary access (user name and password) to post jobs. Once you are logged in, you can click on the post new job link at the Employer Zone.

What is the period of an account?

Period of an account is stipulated by the validity of contract. For more details please contact our sales department.sales@bineidhr.com

What is the validity of a Posted Job ?

1- 30 days. It can be extended optionally.

Can we post a job for a future date?

Yes. You can post a job effective from a future date.

Can I edit a posted job ?

Yes. You can edit except the job title.

Can I search for a job that I have posted?

Yes. After you log in, click on Number of Jobs Posted on the Home Page (My Home) of the Employer

How can I view responses for the job posted?

You can view responses for your posted jobs in two ways. By clicking on the ‘My Jobs’ link, all your posted jobs will be displayed with responses to each one of them. Alternatively, searching for a job at the ‘My applications’ page

Will I have a jobseeker applying for a job more than once?

No. It is not possible to apply for the same job more than once.

How do I search for candidates?

You can search a candidate either from ‘My Applications’ using keywords or by using our advanced search facility ‘Filter Search’. With ‘Filter Search’, you can make use of various search criteria and narrow down the initial search result.

What is CV Search? How many resumes can I view or download?

CV Search is a facility for Employers to search our huge resume database to find suitable applicants. With this, you can view applicant details and download CVs. CV Search is provided as a paid add-on service from bineidhr.com. No of resume’ that can be Viewed and downloaded depend upon your chosen add-on package. For more details and activation of this service, please contact admin@bineidhr.com

What is Message Centre?

Message Centre is the internal message management system for www.bineidhr.com. Employers can send messages to candidates and in turn, they can reply back to the employer. Messages forwarded to candidates will be placed in ‘Sent Mail’ and reply messages from candidates are placed in ‘InBox’. This way, the messages are better organized and makes tracking of communication with a candidate easy.

How can I contact the candidates listed in my search result?

You can contact the candidates listed in the search result either through email by clicking on the candidate’s name. Here you can view the details of the candidate and a link to candidate’s mail id is provided. Alternatively, if the candidate has provided the contact number, the Employer can directly get in touch with the candidate. Or through Message Centre, where you can send a message to the candidate’s Inbox and optionally send a copy to candidate’s contact email id by clicking on the ‘New Mail’ in the popup menu.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password from ‘My Profile’ page. Intimation is sent to your contact e-mail id to intimate change of password.

What is e-mail Notifications?

Email alert is sent when you register as an employer. Subsequent email is sent when account is activated after signing the contract with bineidhr.com

For more Information please feel free to contact our sales department. Email:- sales@bineidhr.com