About Us

Company Overview :

BIN EID is a Hospitality dedicated Executive Search & Management Consulting Firm highly specialized in Hotel Industry focusing primarily on 5 star hotel sector and its operation is global in scope. We are associated with World Class Hotels (Multi-National Chains), Individual properties, Luxury Resorts, Golf Clubs and other Hospitality clients through out the Gulf Region (United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Countries), Far East, Asia and expanding fast to other parts of the World.

BIN EID understands that leadership capital plays a key role in any organisation's performance. An organisation's ability to earn profit, thrive and grow depends on the talents and performance of the Management and the team. In an age of extreme executive mobility employing the top performers can make the real difference between success and failure.

We interact closely with the clients to develop a proper and comprehensive understanding of the business, corporate structure, profile, culture, operating principles, goals, and dynamics of the organization, in order to offer the most suitable candidates.

Our Vision :

Our ambition is to become the most sought after Executive Search Firm of this Millennium and also to be the global leader in our field of activity.

Our Mission :

Assisting our client organizations to identify the right mixture of leadership and human capital to achieve business goals, shareholder value and continued growth.

Leadership Capital is the Future :

BIN EID firmly believes that "Human Capital" constitutes a resource as vital to business as "Monetary Investment". Hence, our role in creating organizational solutions by sourcing right mixture of human capital goes beyond all the normal standards.

Some employers hesitate to utilize the services and expertise of Executive Search Firms to find senior managers because of the fees involved in sourcing the right candidates. This very often ends up in selection of incompetent candidates and entrusting millions worth business interests in wrong hands and resulting in heavy financial losses. Well, we can help to minimize the risks of poor employment decisions, which can adversely affect both, the individuals and the organization.

Our Services :

1.Leadership Search and Head Hunt – Particularly for high end positions such as CEO, COO, VP, Corporate and other senior positions.

2. Executive Search & Selection

- Retained Executive Search

- Contingency Executive Search

3. Our Search Methods include Database Search, Advertised Search and Headhunt to meet the specific requirements of the clients.

4. Salary & Compensations Survey.

5. Organisational Restructuring - Formulation of competitive salary and benefits structure

6. Human Resources Development

- Review of H.R. policies and procedures

- Performance management system

- Job evaluation and Grading

7. Organisational Climate Survey

8. Training & Development - Soft training & Skills training in the hospitality industry.

Our Clientele Segment :

5 star Hotels (International Chains) - Our Key Focus Area

5 star Independent Properties

4 star deluxe hotels

Luxury Resorts and Golf Clubs

Amusement Parks

Airline Catering establishments

Industrial Catering, Leisure and Other Hospitality Sectors

Candidates - All Nationalities

Position we generally recruit for :

Corporate Management Positions

General Managers

Department Heads

Specialty Chefs and

All other Middle Management Positions

Professional Fees :

BIN EID Executive Search acts on behalf of our clients and we are compensated by client organizations only.( Job seekers do not Pay any fees ). We are happy to provide detailed information on fees and terms of business on request.

What Sets Bin Eid Apart :

1. Specialization in the HOTEL Industry is fundamental to our approach.

2. Selecting the Clients - We select our clients as carefully, seriously and thoughtfully as they select us.

3. Minimizing the Risks of Poor Employment Decisions - We help to minimize the risks of poor employment decisions, which can adversely affect both, the individuals and the organization.

4. Value Addition - We understand the vital and critical role human capital plays in today's' fiercely competitive global market place. Managers of this Millennium have to face and manage a host of new challenges in today's global economy, which is distinguished by rapid growth, consolidation, mergers, technological advancement, globalization, budget constraints, increased service demands and fierce competition, in order to achieve business goals and shareholder value.

5. Understanding the Client - We interact closely with the clients to develop a proper and comprehensive understanding of the business, corporate structure, profile, culture, operating principles, goals, and dynamics of the organization, in order to offer the most suitable candidates.

6. Understanding the Candidate - In order to identify the most suitable candidates, we interact closely with the candidates to develop a proper and comprehensive understanding of their family, educational and professional background; emotional balance, professional strengths and weaknesses, career aspirations, vision, business acumen and other traits, which are vital in the making of a top performer.

7. Post Selection Performance - Search, identification, evaluation and selection of the executives is just the beginning. We firmly believe that the real yardstick of success in any search assignment is post-recruitment performance and the subsequent success of the selected executive in achieving organization goals and shareholder value in today's digital global economy.

8. Cost effectives - You will not regret your decision by associating with Bin Eid.

Approach :

Identifying, recruiting and retaining professionally qualified and experienced top performing hotel managers has become a key focus area and a challenging task in today's fiercely competitive business environment. Hospitality industry is also no exception to cut throat competition. It has become a herculean task for Hotel Owners, General Managers and H.R. Directors to identify and recruit suitably qualified, experienced and top performing hotel professionals - because you cannot simply entrust property worth of millions in wrong hands!

In order to service and ensure profitable operation with optimum customer care and satisfaction you need top performing management team. Keeping pace with the massive growth of hotel industry has not been very easy. Professionals in this field have more challenges to face and greater opportunities to manage. The business environment is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Top performing hotel executives are likely to be fully occupied with their jobs and functional challenges. The professional you want may not be looking to change the job. They need to be painstakingly identified and carefully hired. We identify and persuade the individuals towards your leadership and human capital.

Our Search Process :

Planning and Needs Assessment

Define Objectives and Job Specifications

Research and Candidate Identification

Interviews and Evaluation

Presentation of Candidates

Interview of candidates by clients

Reference checking of finalists

Final Selection

Completion of the Search

Post-Selection Review and Feedback

Exclusivity of assignment :

We encourage exclusivity of assignments. In order to avoid ambiguity in the industry circle, we request our clients to route all the communications / activities on the given search assignment through Bin Eid. We insist our clients not to advertise the position, which we are assigned for, without prior consultation or availing any other recruitment method or search firm, while we are working on the given assignment.

Confidentiality :

We maintain strict confidentiality in all our dealings as we deeply understand the delicacy and vulnerability of interpersonal relations and circumstances, which we come across during the Executive Search & Selection process.

Knowledge is Power – But thoughtfully, consciously and intelligently applied knowledge is success.